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Click here to view my interview: sonali-interview    

Mustard fields, yellow flowers in a lush green fairy tale, the sandstone canopy, stands amidst this scene as a sentinel guarding the beauty that still abounds. The past reminds it of the village damsel who once danced about singing songs of joy with the rising sun. Her anklets jingled as she passed, the canopy stood […]

(Do not forget to cast your vote for the questions below) A vision of perfection…of white marble, of love, devotion and faith…The Taj in all its glory. I have visited the Taj on earlier occasions, I remember the first time I went there, I had the same visions that I have elucidated above. A somber […]

I just got home from a long day of studying French-the bane of my current existence. However, as the wise ones always say-sometimes one needs to take a long circuitous route to do what one loves most. For me, to get to the core of archaeology, french needs to be an integral part of the […]